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Choose the color of the curtain

23-02-2021 17:18

Rb Tende

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Choose the color of the curtain

Curtains are a piece of furniture you can play with to change the look of your home. Curtains with waves, glass, panel, gathered or valance.

Curtains are a piece of furniture to play with to change the look of your

home. Curtains with waves, glass, panel, gathered or valance. Today the

proposal is really so vast that to put in difficulty any person who does not have clear tastes. Let's see

together what are the elements to take into consideration to choose the ideal curtain color. Curtains as


aesthetic element Curtains should

harmoniously match the color of the walls of the rooms inside of which are inserted. The most used are the white ones, but they require more cleaning because they will show even the slightest speck of dust. If you choose this color you can be sure that it will match with simplicity e0 to all environments, but do not exclude creating an essential and original look, by opting for a fabric with a patterned texture: it will be at the same

time a practical and highly effective solution.If you like soft colors, directed towards tones natural such as rope, sand or beige: they will give a shabby touch to your room and let in a lot of

light, making the rooms seem very large.Please favor this proposal if

your furniture is very dark.If you love more colors. ù accesses, we recommend that you take one already present in the room such as, for example, that of a piece of furniture, a carpet or a lamp. In this way you can give a touch of continuity and create


homogeneous environment without being excessively

colorful. Curtains as an element of privacy Until now we have focused more on the aesthetic aspect than on the functional one. More and more frequently, however, the main reason why we choose to use

indoor curtains is to protect us from prying eyes. Depending on the area in which you live, more or less central, you can decide whether to adopt a opaque or transparent fabric. If so to speak you are surrounded by other

homes, it is more advisable to evaluate sustained fabrics, able to give greater coverage.In addition to helping you with privacy, you will need them to be able to regulate the entry of daylight: curtains


this kind they are very

useful for creating a less bright environment according to your needs. A curtain for every style We have seen that the choice of colors and materials is essential to identify the most suitable

curtains, but it is advisable to also take into consideration the style of the room in which they will be inserted. and you like an elegant style, you can choose a curtain with valance that will emphasize even more the refined taste of the environment. In that

case, choose a muted color palette that will perfectly match the environment without making it too dark. If you like more wavy lines, the gathered curtains will certainly be for you. You can choose a model in which the curl is sewn, so as to keep it fixed or, otherwise, simply opt for a panel curtain with a much greater width than that of the glass. In the latter case, it will be up to you to create the curl of your choice. Also, if


day you

get tired of this model, you can reduce it in width and create a smooth effect that easily falls on the glass. Concluding Considerations Indeed, it should be remembered that a curtain will not be forever: you can always count on this element to vary the look of the rooms. From soft colors to a vitamin palette, made with transparent and fluttering fabrics, up to sustained and opaque fabrics, in solid colors or with patterns: In any way you want to furnish your home, here at RB Tende you will be able to find the most suitable model suitable for your rooms!


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